Choice Thermography is proud to offer the best quality images

We exclusively use a premium camera and software to provide clear and measurable images. The resolution on our camera is 640 x 480 and boasts 340,000 pixels while providing the highest quality images for precise interpretaion.


Choice Thermography screening system is FDA approved

With our sophisticated digital infrared camera and premium software, you get a 100%-safe picture of your health that shows thermal abnormalities related to injuries, physiological changes, inflammation and more. Medical doctors review and interpret your images and you receive a full report with recommendations for how to improve your health.

About Nicole Austin, C.T.

Meet Nicole, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Nicole was first introduced to the world of Thermography upon moving to Florida when she was in her twenties. Passionate about Nutrition, she would begin to scratch the surface on her own well-being.

When Nicole reached her late thirties she started to feel like something was off in her body. Then, a mother of three and very active, she was determined to figure out where her symptoms were coming from. After unsuccessful attempts at pinpointing her pain, she opted for a full body thermographic study. Much to her surprise, Nicole was carrying devastating results. Thermography was able to see that Nicole’s left kidney was struggling. After she followed the suggestive guidelines and went for further testing, a malignant tumor was confirmed.

Nicole was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.

She was later informed that she had been carrying the tumor for 7-15 years.
Her thoughts immediately turned to “how could it be?” or, “why wasn’t it found earlier?”

Thankfully, today Nicole is healthy and Cancer Free. She is determined to share her story while practicing Thermography with the hopes of helping others.

Now certified and trained in Thermographic Screening, Nicole is backed by the highest in the industry and has a team of Doctors skilled and knowledgeable in interpreting the images she produces.

Nicole wants to be able to give people the choice to be more proactive with their health and in turn has created Choice Thermography.

“I firmly believe that since it’s Your Body, it should absolutely be Your Choice as to where and when you’d like to get examined. Medical investigation should always be on your terms: Allow me to help you. It’s your health and well-being.”

Nicole Austin, C.T.

Clinical Thermographer

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