Thermography is a highly sensitive study of the largest, most intelligent and most available organ of the body: the skin. 

The skin is like the body’s central processing unit; the recipient of all signals; it’s a communication hub that functions as an interactive, bi-directional network of interconnections, sharing information between all systems, including the neurological, immune and endocrine functions and pathways. The skin has the information, and thermography functions as the monitor, measuring and evaluating the metabolic signals and telling the story as it happens. 

Thermography is not a stand-alone diagnostic tool, its actually an adjunct tool to be used alongside of other testing and imaging. 

Thermography is non-invasive and free of radiation.

Let thermography reveal the root causes of your symptoms.

The Full Body Advantage

There are internationally accepted protocols for imaging every region of the body. A properly trained technician with a high quality infrared device can take quality images of each position of each region of the body. A study will consist of 25-30 relatively close images of the head, neck, chest, breast, abdomen, back, upper and lower extremities. The client is never touched and has more privacy. The high resolution digital images are transmitted to a trained medical specialist, who can provide an interpretation. Temperature measurement and observation of thermal patterns, represented by visual color contrast are part of the analysis process.

The client themselves or the referring physician can then add this to other tests, along with clinical observation, to discover the state of the client’s health for wellbeing assessment and strategies.

Taking the initiative and opting for a full body study really gives an individual the advantage of getting to know their inner health and discovering potential ailments before they become problamatic.

What can infared imaging “see?”


Thermal imaging detects energy in the form of minute changes in temperature to tenths of a degree Celsius. The blood is a supply line, transporting everything that the body needs to function efficiently. It is in constant metabolic movement: warming, oxygenating, carrying nutrients to every organ, removing waste, protecting, and healing. When the body needs healing, it summons blood to the site, thus creating heat.

Sometimes, if a specific organ is in distress, even mild distress, blood will automatically be redirected from the surface to supply extra nutrients to the organ. This can create a cool area on the skin. Because there is a map of the area of the skin that is directly related to each specific organ, it is possible, due to a cooler area on the skin, to identify a potential problem. Thermography is not diagnostic for any specific disease, but it can alert the thermal observer to investigate further.

So patterns, whether they represent expected, warmer, or cooler temperatures, give valuable information to anyone who is knowledgeable about thermal physiology.


Thermography has great potential in sports medicine to prevent serious injury. Blood perfusion from minor injuries can alert the athlete, trainer, or physician to a potential problem. If it is not addressed, the injury becomes a major issue.




The skin not only protects us from the outside world, but it is a functioning endocrine organ on its own! It produces all hormones and communicates with all organs and biological processes in the body. How perfect that we are observing the skin and its response to hormonal and other endocrine processes. It is the body’s ultimate communication with the outside world, all there for us to observe with our infrared camera!

Because these automatic responses function optimally in a relatively healthy person, thermal imaging is most beneficial when observing these changes in a relatively healthy person. This makes thermography the perfect tool to observe changes that can eventually, over many years, can become irreversible disease. By then disease management is the only option.

This is currently the primary function of our world-wide health system today. If used appropriately, infrared imaging — which is safe, accurate and affordable — can be the discovery tool of choice, especially for the doctor who practices preventive strategies and for the patients who value finding the root cause.


The more we use infrared imaging, the more we learn and discover! Choice Thermography believes that anyone interested in living a long, healthy life should consider full-body infrared imaging.

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