After receiving your Thermal Imaging report, what is your next step?

You may be surprised to learn that your thermal images indicate areas of inflammation in your body. Should you take this seriously? Yes, you should!

Sometimes the reports and their descriptive language can be difficult to understand. The easiest way to quickly read the report is to go to the “THERMOGRAPHIC IMPRESSION” after each section. These impressions will help guide your next steps.

In addition, we offer you these suggestions:

Work on Areas of Concern

It’s very important to work on areas of concern in order to clear the inflammation before it becomes a diagnosable problem. This is how Thermography can serve you as you begin your journey of Health Discovery!

Contact Your Physician

Contact the physician who referred you for thermography and formulate a plan to address your thermal patterns. If you don’t have a referring physician, we can offer you some suggestions of practitioners in your area who understand the significance of Thermography as a Health Discovery tool.

Call Us For Help

If you need some help understanding the language of your report, feel free to call us at (954) 634-5511 for clarification.

Honor Your Follow-Up Recommendation

The BEST way that your Thermographer can serve you is for you to honor your follow up recommendation in 3-6 months. This time frame is based on the interpreting physician’s recommendation. It is called a “Comparative Study” and it helps our interpreting physicians identify which patterns are stable and which patterns are changing and need to be watched and/or cleared.

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